Introduction to Ammonia

September 2013

Welcome to the world of Ammonia.

Ammonia is a naturally occurring substance with a molecular structure comprising one Nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms expressed as NH3.

Ammonia has also been manufactured in commercial quantities around the world for over a century.

Its properties are very well known with full MSDS details readily available. It is usually referred to as “Anhydrous Ammonia” which describes it’s very low or negligible water content. The Salient features of ammonia are that it is highly alkaline, it is toxic in medium concentrations and it has medium flammability when mixed with air in relatively high concentrations.

The world wide manufacture of ammonia presently runs at over one hundred million tonnes per year, and the manufacturing process currently used involves the consumption of hydrocarbons.

The bulk of Anhydrous Ammonia manufactured at present is used in the fertilizer industry to efficiently deliver nitrogen fertilizer for agriculture world wide. Much smaller amounts are used in refrigeration , water treatment and other forms of gas treatment.

In future I will try to convey the benefits and enormous potential of this wonderfully versatile substance we call Ammonia. In the next installment I will attempt to cover the huge contribution Ammonia has made to the world of refrigeration.

Until then ,  Kind Regards

Ammonia Man

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